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A Special Prom Experience

Prom may have been cancelled for now, but one family made sure that their own daughter and the foreign exchange student they were hosting from Thailand did not miss out on the bells and whistles of such a special day. These girls spent a day doing hair, makeup, and dressing up for a special dinner dance and party safely at home.
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Promoting Project Based Learning in the High School

In the face of the challenges remote learning may present, Madison High School is shifting some of the ownership back onto students. They are taking the approach of a college online learning environment while recognizing high school students are still in need of structure and support. Teachers are not only stretching their lessons electronically, but they are thinking outside the box too and focusing on bringing Project Based Learning opportunities into the virtual classroom as seen in pictures below.
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"Achieving Excellence" is our Top Priority

Welcome to our second edition of the new “Achieving Excellence” e-newsletter. Utilizing and following social media is more essential than ever in this new age of distance learning. Hopefully everyone has found some meaningful, memorable ways to enjoy Spring Break while taking time to process our new temporary norm. Although our school buildings remain closed until at least May 1, remote learning begins again this Monday, April 13. We will continue to adjust and administer our virtual learning plans and expectations as we provide student services and resources to the best of our ability.

This 2nd issue of “Achieving Excellence” will highlight some of what teachers, staff and parents are doing at the high school level to keep our students engaged and invested in achieving personal excellence. It will also touch on the latest updates related to the COVID-19 Pandemic and how our school district will answer to the needs of all of our students and our community as a whole.
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Providing Meals and Support

As we continue to navigate unchartered territory, Madison Local Schools will continue to pack and deliver school lunches to students in need as long as is permissible by guidelines set forth by Governor DeWine.
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